KB Visual Solutions is an architectural sign, design and graphics company with a focus on project management, signs and advertising. We serve nationally, with an extensive reach of advertising solutions for many different types of corporate and creative projects.

KBVS will approach each project with ingenuity, consistency and drive from concept to finished product

Our experience lies with way finding, environmental design along with commercial and architectural advertising. Whether a simple design, a complete branding package or a large development contract, we will work with you from sales and budgeting to design, development and finally through fabrication, execution and installation. With a full range of in-house signage capabilities, we will provide you with environmental and identification solutions that support and enhance our clients brand, that are relevant to their audience and improve their user experience. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver designed solutions accurately, on time and within budget.

Based in Orange County California, we deliver unique products and services and have even expanded our departments to include graphic design, architectural drafting, fabrication, printing and installation to accommodate our customers’ requests, manage they’re deadlines, deliver within budget and produce the quality of work that we would expect ourselves.

Architectural Signage is a term used to refer to a custom sign, or sign system, that assists in identification and/or wayfinding within a specific facility or campus. Architectural Signage includes monuments, channel letters, directionals, ADA room signs, and any elements which help to guide and inform visitors within a specific site.

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